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motel montcalm

motel montcalm otawa canada

the motel montcalm located in otawa canada offers an unforgettable experience.
Stay at the Montcalm Motel and enjoy the cultural richness that Canada has to offer.

At the Montcalm Motel you can enjoy spacious rooms equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, Wi-Fi, and an outdoor pool.

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, at the montcalm motel you will find rest and the place you are looking for to relax, Enjoy the forests and the classic baroque temples.

located in the heart of the city of gatineau, the montcalm motel has a strategic location in which you can move without problems to any tourist point of the city.

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motel montcalm map

the town of otawa and gatineau comes from a fairy tale, a clean city full of magical streets, motel montcalm offers excellent rooms at a very good price.

the montcalm motel offers single, double, double rooms with a queen size bed and a room with a king size bed.

book at the montcalm motel and visit the great museums that otawa can offer, plus a great selection of night activities, montcalm motel offers an intimate, safe and luxurious stay at an excellent price.

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